Amendments to the Crisp Road elevation

2 Feb 15

Following the Council’s formal consultation on the non-material amendment application we are pleased to attach the final proposals for the Crisp Road elevation. These amendments have been agreed in principle with officers and include the following changes:

  • The introduction of a new permanent public entrance to the Riverside Studios from Crisp Road to provide a more obvious presence of the Studios on Crisp Road and help improve footfall and vitality along the street
  • The scene dock doors have been significantly pushed back from the Crisp Road elevation so they are less visible on the street scene and create an interesting elevation. We will be running a competition to select an artist to design the doors and will be setting up a judging panel. This panel will include some members of the community. We are proposing to appoint art consultants Modus Operandi to run this process.
  • Relocation of the refuse storage and collection area away from Chancellors Wharf with the option for collections off street within the scene dock when not in use by Riverside Studios
  • Redesigning and enlarging the display kiosk located between the scene dock doors to create a fully glazed two storey commercial unit.  At 78sqm, the commercial unit with glazed frontage provides greater transparency and active frontage.  We have explored the potential uses which may be feasible in this space. The proposed option is a neighbourhood café/shop which could be supplemented by other uses at the upper floor such as small exhibition space for local arts. We have extensively reviewed the potential to have a cinema entrance in this location and have set out in the attached Crisp Road Design Study Document why this is not feasible. They key issues raised include:
    • The proposed entrance could only accommodate around 20 people which would lead to people queuing along Crisp Road in front of the scene dock
    • The route of a corridor to the cinema at basement level would cut through the studios back of house technical operations area which could give rise to safety and security issues with public access intersecting the demise used by approximately 70 crew working
    • Disabled access via this route would be challenging and require a significant amount of floorspace compromising any dual use
    • This option does not meet the objective to create activity along Crisp Road as the cinema generates limited footfall and activity in the daytime and could cause disturbance to residents in the evenings when it will mostly be in operation

Updated CGIs showing the Crisp Road elevation will be placed on the website shortly.

If you have any further comments or questions please contact Agnieszka Nowak (Principal Planning Officer at LBHF) or Nicola Leatherby (Senior Planning Manager at Mount Anvil) by the 16th February 2015. It is anticipated that the non-material amendment application will be determined by the end of February.